What’s the timeline after I book you?

You’ll book for a specific month (e.g. June 2023). I’ll collect information from you before the month begins and will have basic sketch drafts one week into the month. After that, the timeline varies depending on how fast the author can provide feedback on ideas. I aim to finish each project within that month.

How far in advance should I book?

The number of openings varies by year, but there are typically spots in the summer and winter months. I book on a first come, first serve basis. Bookings usually fill up within a week of opening, so I recommend joining my Facebook group to be the first to know when there is an opening. I recommend booking at least two months in advance (e.g. in April for a June spot).

What genres do you work with?

My style primarily suits adult and young adult, fantasy, science fiction, romance, and mystery/action genres. If you think that my work would fit your story, please reach out, regardless of genre! I’m always happy to work on expanding my services.

I’m a returning client and I need a continuation for my series before your bookings open again.

Please contact me directly. I have extra availabilities for series continuations and can work with your timeline to make sure you’re getting the covers you need.

I need to change my title or pen name or take out a small detail.

I am happy to make changes after we finalize the cover. If you need something to be changed, there will be a small charge that depends on what specifically needs editing.

Why do some of your covers say “Author Name”?

Some covers have fake titles and a generic author name because the author hasn’t done a cover reveal yet. Covers are usually designed far in advance of publication, so doing this allows me to show new clients my latest work without giving away an unreleased cover.

Do you make premades?

Yes! I will occasionally make premade, ready-to-buy covers. I typically make them when practicing a new technique or if I have an interesting idea that doesn’t fit one of my current clients’ stories. Because they are premade, only the title, author name, and minor elements can be changed. They are less customized but are priced lower than commissions.

A list of available premades can be found in my Facebook group. Premades usually sell fast and are often released for special events, so I suggest joining the group to stay notified for when one might go on sale.